INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT PRESENTATION: From Data to Decision -  The Value of Clinical Content Expertise in Healthcare Data Science.
Tuesday, June 22, 2021, 1:35 PM - 1:57 PM
James Burke Matt Gillingham

The healthcare industry’s digital infrastructure is at a disruptive inflection point as two major market forces converge:  1) COVID has highlighted that legacy infrastructure is not nimble enough to quickly address changing needs; and 2) the drive by government and commercial players to transition to interoperability and FHIR standards on an expedited basis. A common theme is arising as this new digital infrastructure is being built: Deep clinical expertise and knowledge needs to be built into these new ecosystems up front, rather than as an afterthought. In this session, hear from a leader in clinical content data science and analytics on this new landscape. 

Topics include:

  • Value based care and incorporating timely, relevant, and actionable measures analytics into healthcare workflows 
  • Identification and prediction of gaps in care with the ability to intervene in care delivery
  • The critical nature of including clinical content expertise in the development of AI/ML applications that solve real-world problems
  • The importance of bringing “science” back into data science to properly remove bias and achieve better results
  • Bridging the divide between the data, technology, and decision makers 
Industry Spotlight Presentation
Day 1 -General Session